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Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Queen of England Exposed

featuring Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion

Thought-provoking video featuring eminent occult researcher Jordan Maxwell. The subject matter is complex but absolutely crucial to our rising above the morass of ignorance created by the mass media and our so-called education system.

Jordan Maxwell interviewed discussing who really runs the United States of America, business and family ties among the elite, International Maritime Admiralty Law and more exposing the reign of British royalty over the American citizens of the USA including the english-speaking world in general. Also interviewed are Michael Tsarion, Jim Marrs, John Greenwald and others discussing generally about the New World Order and some other details pertaining to this sort of topic. Jordan Maxwell speaks throughout this video and speaks non-stop for about the last 20 plus minutes. This is the full, or fuller, interview compared to shorter versions of the interview on Google Video. I don't know where this 48 minute video comes from. Although this video is generally referred to as "Queen of England Exposed" it may be part of a larger presentation and/or known under another name. I don't know who put this together or whether the venue seen here is Conspiracy Con or some other event, but if you do know please leave a comment. If you are really interested in International Maritime Admiralty Law in the sense of practical application in a courtroom, the best interview with Jordan Maxwell I have come across on this subject is an interview he did with Laura Lee for her talk show. Laura Lee's show has a website with downloadable past interviews but Jordan Maxwell's is not present there at the time of this writing. However, it is available from file sharing networks such as Emule and BitTorrent. Just search for "Laura Lee" and/or "Jordan Maxwell" and/or "Maritime Law" and you should find it. It is approximately two hours in duration. The one example Jordan Maxwell gives of a person who goes into court, knowing how to defend themselves with knowledge of how the Law of the Sea in imposed upon civilans, is priceless and worth seeking this interview for alone.

Go to Google Video — To download this film.


  1. Excellent site to share common interest in the disinformation propaganda's dealing with the illuminati and secret societies who are presently involved with the New World Order clandestine undertakings. This link discloses some mystifying revelations!


    Charles Del Campo

  2. Thank-you Charles. The follow up information for this film will be very useful, if any body else can provide further information please post it here...


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