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Friday, 27 February 2009

Water of Truth, Water of Life

by Jordan Maxwell

Documentary investigating the claims and research of so-called 'Godfather of Secret Societies' Jordan Maxwell, aka Russell Pine. This Documentary goes through Jordan Maxwell's life, influences, and research from the perspective of a former fan of Maxwell' s who after "doing his homework" found that Maxwell often is totally lying, and cant back up a majority of the things he says. At the end the director tell us why he made the movie. discussing the research and claims of so-called 'Godfather of Secret Societies' Jordan Maxwell aka Russell Pine

If you want to know why this movie is called Water of Grace and in turn why maxwell calls himself by the term stemming from "Jordanus Maximus" you may also enjoy this movie:
Debunking Jordan Maxwell The Movie: It covers more of Maxwell's errors and reasons for those errors, it can be viewed here:

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The Naked Truth

by Jordan Maxwell

Documentary by Jordan Maxwell - The Naked Truth. Find out where Religion originated from. And that Religious characters are just myths from ancient egypt. If you do your own research you will find it to be true. Im currently Researching and cant find any faults in this documentary.

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2012 - Where History Ends

by Michael Tsarion
Part 1

Part 3

Some of the greatest myths, are yet to happen - Michael Tsarion

- 2012 and the "Age of Revealing"
- The Destruction of Atlantis • The War of the Gods
- The Genetic Manipulation of Humankind
- The Fall of Man
- The True Origins of Evil
- The "Armageddon" Factor
- The Decline of Politics and Religion
- The Reasons for & Significance of the Present World Crises
- The Occult History of America
- The Subversion of the Spiritual Destiny of America
- The Rise of the Anti-Christ (who is it?)
- Why Iraq, and the “War on Terror?”
- The Rising of the Nephilim
- The Final Days of the Age of Pisces
- What the "Prophecies" of Nostradamus Don't Tell Us
- The "Photon Belt," the "Earth Grid" and the galactic alignments
of the Next 10 years

In Program Two, of the 'Origins & Oracles' series, Michael Tsarion
explains exactly why the world is in the present state of decay,
and who it is that really rules from the top of the
'power pyramid.' We discover that earth's crime-soaked history has
been manipulated by powerful secret societies with bloodline
connections to ancient alien visitors who crossed their own DNA
with that of earth's indigenous inhabitants. According to Michael
Tsarion's astonishing thesis, some of these original 'Fallen
Angels' are secretly interred beneath the ground in Iraq,
Afghanistan, and in other locations around the globe. These
'undead' vampiristic kings of old have been feeding off the death
and mayhem, the pain and fear of human beings for millennia and
their servants, upon the earth's surface, have orchestrated wars,
assassinations, and a climate of perversity and debauchery to feed
their dark masters soon to arise again from their unholy repose.
This arising is forced due to the approach of powerful
constellational alignments and the coming of an 'Age of Revealing'
referred to in ancient Maya texts, and in the Book of Revelations.
It is of paramount importance that each and every human being
discovers what these alignments will mean, what the future holds,
and what the world's ancient scriptures are warning us about. This
riveting investigation into the occult history of the world will
open your eyes and allow you to make sense of the agendas of
government and religion, the strange preoccupations of the media,
and much of what will transpire in future years.

Additionally, Michael also reminds to us of the importance of
cleansing the 'inner temple.' He reminds us that a toxic mind
creates a toxic society. It is schizoid people who inevitably
create a schizogenic society, and who are responsible for
raising-up the sadistic 'Orwellian' regimes which prey over the
good and the free. Michael delineates for us the age-old
connections between mind and world, between microcosm and
macrocosm, so that we are again empowered with proactive and
sustainable solutions. Michael insists that we must re-learn how
to put our own inner houses in order before our efforts at
overcoming our inhuman adversaries can be successful. Other
stratagems are merely akin to 're-arranging the furniture on the
Titanic,' and have not been working. Therefore, it is time for
humanity to show zero-tolerance for all the false paths and leads,
and to have the truth about change. These are just a few of the
topics covered in this monumental 13 hour presentation.

Michael Tsarion is a very knowledgeable and dedicated researcher
in many areas. His intellectual approach and well sourced
information, ranging from ancient mythology to modern science, do
not only offer alternative viewpoints, but also make one
understand many of the problems we are all facing in today's
world, collectively and individually.

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The Origins of Evil

by Michael Tsarion

This is Michael Tsarion’s amazing video presentation The Origins of Evil (2005) where he dwelves deep into the history to discover where exactly has the manifestation of evil begun. In the next decade humankind is set to discover the truth about its origin and history. Central to this is the question of evil. How did this phenomenon come into being? What do ancient legends have to tell us about the present state of decay, and years leading up to the “zero-hour” of 2012? Presented at Conspiracy Con 2005. 110 min. long. A must see for everyone.

This fascinating video discusses questions such as:
Who were the Atlanteans? Where they tutors or tyrants?
How did the phenomena of evil come into our world?
Who, or what, are the “Fallen Angels?”
Is Homo Sapiens a hybrid created by alien beings?
Was the science of genetics known in ancient times?
Are you Homo Sapiens or Homo Atlantis?
What is the difference between Atlantis and Lemuria?
Are we being told the truth about our origins and destiny?
What do the Biblical terms “Immaculate Conception,” “Forbidden Fruit,” and “Tree of Life” refer to?
Did the so-called “Ice-Age” ever happen?
Did Eve really cause the fall of man?
Why have women and indigenous races been slaughtered and suppressed through the centuries?
Who built the great cyclopean megaliths, and why?
Who really governs from behind the thrones of power?
Are the US presidents blood-related to the ancient royal dynasties of Europe?
Why has our technological expertise far outreached our psychological and spiritual development?
What do atomic and nuclear war really mean?
Who, or what, are the “Reptilians?”
Is the New World Order really something new?
What is the purpose of the many “black budget” projects?
Why is the US really involved in wars and “crusades” in the Middle East?
Is 2012 really the end of our world, as the Maya predicted?
What are the solutions to the present world turmoil?

About the author:
Born in Ireland, Michael Tsarion has made the deepest researches into the comparative mythologies of the world and into his own countries ancient and mysterious Celtic Tradition. The author of Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation, Michael’s presentations on Atlantis, Lemuria and the prediluvian epoch have been acclaimed by veterans in the field of paranormal research. In the tradition of Comyns Beaumont, Immanuel Velikovsky, William Bramley, Barbara Marciniak, Laurence Gardener and Erich von Daniken, Michael considers the consequences to civilization of extra-terrestrial involvement and answers many of the quandaries that have puzzled other “visitation” experts. His book, and this talk, clarifies the disinformation about Atlantis and the lost continents of prehistory, and shows that the political and military stratagems, and orchestrated chaos of today’s world, all have roots in ancient times. Also offered are profound solutions to offset the imminent chaos ahead.

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Merchants of Cool

They are the merchants of cool: creators and sellers of popular culture who have made teenagers the hottest consumer demographic in America. But are they simply reflecting teen desires or have they begun to manufacture those desires in a bid to secure this lucrative market? And have they gone too far in their attempts to reach the hearts--and wallets--of America's youth?

FRONTLINE correspondent Douglas Rushkoff examines the tactics, techniques, and cultural ramifications of these marketing moguls in "The Merchants of Cool." Produced by Barak Goodman and Rachel Dretzin, the program talks with top marketers, media executives and cultural/media critics, and explores the symbiotic relationship between the media and today's teens, as each looks to the other for their identity.

Teenagers are the hottest consumer demographic in America. At 33 million strong, they comprise the largest generation of teens America has ever seen--larger, even, than the much-ballyhooed Baby Boom generation. Last year, America's teens spent $100 billion, while influencing their parents' spending to the tune of another $50 billion.

But marketing to teens isn't as easy as it sounds. Marketers have to find a way to seem real: true to the lives and attitudes of teenagers; in short, to become cool themselves. To that end, they search out the next cool thing and have adopted an almost anthropological approach to studying teens and analyzing their every move as if they were animals in the wild.

Take MTV. Long considered to be the arbiter of teen cool, the late 1990s saw MTV's ratings on the wane. To counter the slide, MTV embarked on a major teen research campaign, the hallmark of which was its "ethnography study"-- visiting teens' homes to view first hand their lives, interests and ask some quite personal questions.

But what lessons do MTV and other companies draw from this exhaustive and expensive study of teenagers' lives? Does it result in a more nuanced portrait of the American teen? In "The Merchants of Cool," FRONTLINE introduces viewers to the "mook" and the "midriff" -- the stock characters that MTV and others have resorted to in order to hook the teen consumer.

The "midriff"--the character pitched at teenage girls, is the highly-sexualized, world-weary sophisticate that increasingly populates television shows such as Dawson's Creek and films such as Cruel Intentions. Even more appealing to marketers is the "midriff's" male counterpart, the "mook." Characterized mainly by his infantile, boorish behavior, the "mook" is a perpetual adolescent: crude, misogynistic--and very, very, angry.

But also very lucrative. To appeal to the "mook," MTV has created programs such as Spring Break -- a televised version of teen beach debauchery--as well as a weekly program capitalizing on the current wrestling craze.

"What this system does is it closely studies the young, keeps them under constant surveillance to figure out what will push their buttons," says media critic Mark Crispin Miller. "And it blares it back at them relentlessly and everywhere."

Of course, there is resistance to the commercial machine. FRONTLINE takes viewers to downtown Detroit, where media analyst Rushkoff speaks with teens at a concert by the Detroit-based Insane Clown Posse, purveyors of a genre of music that's become known as "rage rock." When asked to describe what appeals to them about such music, the teens invariably respond that it belongs to them; it hasn't yet been taken and sold back to them at the mall. Full of profanity, violence, and misogyny, rage rock is literally a challenge thrown up to marketers: just try to market this!

But marketers have accepted the challenge: rage rock is now big business. Not only has Insane Clown Posse become mainstream, but much bigger acts like Eminem and Limp Bizkit are breaking sales records and winning industry accolades in the form of Grammy nominations and other mainstream music awards.

In "The Merchants of Cool," correspondent Rushkoff details how MTV and other huge commercial outlets orchestrated the rise of Limp Bizkit--despite the group's objectionable lyrics--and then relentlessly promoted them on-air.

But in doing so, critics ask, is MTV truly reflecting the desires of today's teenagers, or are they stoking a cultural infatuation with music and imagery that glorifies violence and sex as well as antisocial behavior and attitudes?

In today's media-saturated environment, such questions, it seems, are becoming increasingly difficult to answer.

"It's one enclosed feedback loop," Rushkoff says. "Kids' culture and media culture are now one and the same, and it becomes impossible to tell which came first--the anger or the marketing of the anger."

Therein lies the danger of today's teen-driven economy, observers say: As everyone from record promoters to TV executives to movie producers besieges today's teens with pseudo-authentic marketing pitches, teenagers increasingly look to the media to provide them with a ready-made identity predicated on today's version of what's cool. Rather than empowering youngsters, the incessant focus on their wants and desires leaves them adrift in a sea of conflicting marketing messages.

"Kids feel frustrated and lonely today because they are encouraged to feel that way," Miller tells FRONTLINE. "You know, advertising has always sold anxiety and it certainly sells anxiety to the young. It's always telling them that they are not thin enough, they're not pretty enough, they don't have the right friends, or they have no friends...they're losers unless they're cool. But I don't think anybody, deep down, really feels cool enough, ever."

And as more and more teens look to the media to define what they should think and how they should behave, even some cool hunters are no longer sure that their work isn't having a negative impact.

"Even though I work at MTV...I am starting to see the world more like someone who's approaching forty than someone who's twenty," says Brian Graden, the channel's president of programming. "And I can't help but be worried that we are throwing so much at young adults so fast. And that there is no amount of preparation or education or even love that you could give a child to be ready."

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Impossible Plane Speed with Boeing

Here is a clip confirming what Joseph Keith had already established - That flight 175 could not have possibly traveled anywhere near 500 MPH at 700ft altitude. Verified by Boeing spokeswoman Leslie Hazzard and Boeing

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September Clues - Definitive Edition

SEPTEMBER CLUES is dedicated to all of the victims of 9/11. I dearly wish that families who lost loved ones would bring these findings to light with the comfort that they now - at last - have court-admissible evidence to identify and indict the culprits. Let's face it.: No one believes in "Al-Quaeda" anymore. The "War on Terror" will become folklore material to our sons and daughters ; our generation will go down in history as a foolish lot if we fail to expose this transparent scam. And now relax and rejoice : it's game over for the great hijack.

The most common reaction people have after watching September Clues : " How could such an undoubtedly well-funded operation be handled with such staggering ineptitude ? "

Let me suggest two responses to this question :

1 : We all fell for this hoax for many years, didn't we ?

2 . Have you ever heard of 'the perfect crime' ? Well, I have not.

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The Anti christ Dajjal will be a Reptilian Shapeshifter

Hashem`s Films

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

REPTILIAN RESEARCH LINKS FOR INFORMATIONAL STUDY Here Is A Prime Example Of A Good Reptilan Some Reptilians Are Benevolent Or In A Spiritual Path I Have A Very Open Mind This Vid Is Showing Us The Good Reptilians But Do Not Get Confused There Are Lots Of Bad Ones That Hate The Human Species With A Passion I Would Be One Of The First To Conguer And Destroy Them The Reptilian Revolution Is On People Time To Unite And Take Up Arms And Fight God Dam It Wake The Fuck Up Now Humans R.R. We Are... THE RESISTANCE !!!! The Awakening Has Begun They Shall Mingle Themselves With The Seed Of Men. Daniel 2:43 The Watchers Giants Brotherhood Of The Snake Grigori Sons Of God - Angels Or Demons Serpent Dragon Snake Brothers Grey Draconian Serpentine Species Beast Satan Draco Summerian Planet X Satanism Nagas Reptoid Shape-Shifter 2012 Nibiru Nergal Sharrapu Djinn Fire-God Satan-Shaytaan Draco Commanders Reptilian Royalty Mind Masters Lower Astral Reptilian White Scaled Dracos Devil Reptilian-Hybrids 4D Reps Insectoid Species Hive Mind Collective Babylonian Satanists Reptoid Mothmen Gargoyle Reptilian Rulers Montauk Reptilian Base Satanism The Alpha Draconians Pindar The Lizard King Chitauri Nukua Dulce Underground Reptilian Bases Reptoid Beings Lucifer Quetzalcoatl The Great Feathered Serpent (Aztec And Toltec) Kukulkan The Great Plumed Serpent (Maya) Reptilian Humanoid Dragon Dracula Draco Collective Hive Mind Multidimensional Reptilian Demon Lords 5th Column Hybrid Forces Reptiloid Blue Bloods Iblis/Satan Incubus Succubus Dinosauroids Saurians Reptilian/Human Hybrids Possessed Reptilian Hierarchy Dragon Saurian Greys Serpent Cults Ouroboros Cherub - Angel - Seraph Hierarchical Reptilian Species Retican Grey Mercenaries Demon Hu-Man Sub-Cities NWO REPTILIAN RESEARCH The Biggest Reptilian ShapeShifter Channel On The Planet

Go to Google Video — To download this film.

Esoteric Agenda

It's quite like Zeitgeist in style, but don't let that put you off if you didn't like Zeitgeist. This is better and it's a very good piece of work with huge helpings of truth and an extremely powerful message. You simply must watch it!

Topics covered (among other things) include:

The Mystery Religion
Sun and Saturnalian cults

The Royal Institute of International Affairs
The Council on Foreign Relations
The Trilateral Commission
The United Nations

Codex Ailimentarius (total corporate control of health and healing and why)

Climate Change (the truth about WHY the scam is being pulled right now)

The privately owned Federal Reserve Bank
Civil Law versus Maritime Law

The North American Union and the end of independence and sovereignty across the globe

The coming crises and eventual World War III which will be used to impose permanent world government and public enslavement.


Don't worry, it all hangs together really well & there's even a short Monty Python clip in there for good measure.

Go to Google Video — To download this film.

911 Ripple Effect

The long awaited follow-up to the controversial documentary “911 In Plane Site” is now available globally. With the release of “911 Ripple Effect” comes new information and analyses put forth by noted eyewitnesses, former military, pilots and independent researchers. As more and more people are realizing the inconsistencies in the media version of the happenings on September 11, 2001, William Lewis and Dave vonKleist, the documentary’s producers, fervently hope to light a proverbial fire under the population so that they will rise up and demand a new, independent investigation both for the victims of September 11th, but most importantly for the survivors.

With the use of on-the-street interviews, each segment is introduced as citizens of “Any town USA” tell what they heard and saw as that catastrophic day in our history unfolded. You know the stories, but what did we REALLY see?

“911 Ripple Effect” presents evidence and information about images shown to the world that were described to us by the media, but the twist is, these very images do not support the “official” story the media and government continue to tell. Even these stories have changed to fit the terrorist-riddled version of tragedy in the United States. VonKleist and Lewis provide some fairly damning reports, especially by Pentagon Correspondent Jamie McIntyre of CNN, Marc Birnbach of FOX News, and a reporter for the BBC, that are in direct conflict with the “official” versions. McIntyre, nearly five years later, is heard trying to explain away statements he made during live, first coverage broadcasts, Birnbach disappeared from FOX News for several years, and has now returned, and the BBC reported the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 nearly twenty minutes earlier than the actual collapse.

WTC Survivor William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez, World Trade Center survivor and eyewitness, tried to do his civic duty by contacting the FBI with what he knew. He told of a massive explosion in the sub-basement that “pushed us upwards.” Rodriguez was one of 14 witnesses to this explosion, and as he started to discuss what was going on with others present that day, there was another explosion above, a plane crashing into the building. His comments were misrepresented by an ABC affiliate to make Rodriguez appear to be describing the explosion caused by the plane impacting with the upper floors of One World Trade Center, when in fact, he was unmistakably describing a separate basement explosion prior to the plane impact. He kept quiet; believing the information was under investigation, only to find it had been mysteriously deleted from the 9/11 Commission Report.

There are several indications that the planes that slammed into the World Trade Center Buildings were not commercial airliners at all. That is what Birnbach, as well as witnesses on the ground, said during live, first coverage.

In captured images, both video and photographs, of U.A. Flight #175, there appears to be some type of “external piece of equipment” attached to the underbelly, as well as a bright anomalous flash preceding the crash. Independent researcher Phil Jayhan exposed this standout piece of evidence almost four years ago, and the Lewis/vonKleist team ran with it; revealing it in their first documentary “911 In Plane Site.” “Ripple Effect” shares interviews with former military, pilots and other independent researchers asking questions and conducting an extensive analysis of this massive three-dimensional “appendage” that did not belong on a commercial flight. However, Lieutenant Colonel John Marks of Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri gives viewers an on camera show-and-tell of what the U.S. military calls a “rocket pod,” which makes one wonder if this could be the “extra equipment.”

Jayhan, vonKleist and Lewis have taken a beating over “the flash and the pod,” but have stuck to the evidence, much to the chagrin of certain individuals involved with the 911 Truth Movement, many of whom advocate for the exclusion of certain key pieces of evidence, much like the omissions of the 911 Commission Report. However, the evidence stands on it’s own and is supported in this new documentary by interviews with Col. George Nelson, Major Glen MacDonald, Glen Stanish, Jim Fetzer, and others.

Jim Marrs discusses the similarities of the official story to that of the Northwoods Document of 1962. This document was planned by the then Joint Chiefs of Staff in an effort to gain the manipulated support of the United States population in a war against Cuba. Never enacted, however, the similarities in the plan to those of the tragedy surrounding 9/11 are not lost to those who have read the document.

The events centering around the “Twin Towers” were not the only anomalies that day. The “plane” that crashed into the Pentagon and the devastation there is in question, as well.

The external “E-ring” struck at the Pentagon withstood the plane crash; “E-ring” windows were in tact, for nearly thirty minutes before it collapsed. No identifiable pieces of plane were seen cluttering the lawn. What’s so odd is that a plane of that size would leave no large pieces of wreckage, no wing parts, no tail section, no plane seats, no passenger luggage, nothing of the sort, yet we were told that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon. The live, first coverage at the Pentagon does not bear out the official story there, either.

Jamie McIntyre reported, live, that he saw no large pieces of plane anywhere at the site, yet, last year he says he was there and photographed plane pieces. “Ripple Effect” puts forth the audio evidence for your discernment, as well as other inconsistencies surrounding the events at the Pentagon.
What happened at Shanksville, PA is also in question. If a plane had crashed in the field, as was reported, the wreckage would have been “contained.” However, the Shanksville wreckage was spread for miles, and there was a huge crater left behind, indicating that it was not a “simple” plane crash. Witnesses, there, heard what sounded like a “missile,” and as reported, most pieces of the plane wreckage recovered could be held in your hands.

And what about the “master-mind” behind the attacks in question? Circulating the Internet last year was a very surprising e-mail by independent researcher Paul Sheridan that revealed that the FBI was not looking for bin Laden in regards to this particular terrorist attack. The Muckraker Report did a follow-up article, calling FBI Agent Rex Tomb to verify this finding. Tomb revealed that, indeed, there was not enough evidence for the FBI to add the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 to bin Laden’s “wanted poster.”

These discrepancies, and many others, are presented in a viewer-friendly documentary that should be a wake-up call to the world. The end of the film calls us all to take action, to make a stand, wake up and save our nation. With all the evidence provided in this new documentary, one has to see just how much the media and government version simply does not add up, yet we are still being spoon fed the same old story, and expected to believe it. Lewis, vonKleist, and many others have more questions and are looking for the answers. We should all take note and make our own inquiries. Get active, get up off the couch and demand the truth be told at once. If we do not take charge of our own future, who will?

Go to Google Video — To download this film.

ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11

ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11, has one central thesis - that the official version of the events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 can not be true. This brand new feature documentary from Italian production company Telemaco explores the latest scientific evidence and reveals dramatic new witness testimony, which directly conflicts with the US Government's account.

Featuring presentations from intellectual heavy weights; Gore Vidal, and Noble Prize winner Dario Fo, the film challenges assumptions surrounding the attacks. In the words of the Italian daily newspaper, Il Corriere de da Sera, "What results is a sequence of contradictions, gaps, and omissions of stunning gravity."

The importance of this film can not be overstated. If its thesis is correct, the justification for going to war in Iraq is built on a series of outrageous lies.

If Mr Bush and Mr Blair are still musing over their "legacy", well, here it is - the 9/11 "truth" movement, of which this film, from Italian directors Franco Farcassi and Francesco Trento, is the latest example. It represents a sizeable body of opinion, holding that everything that we were told about that awful day, every syllable, every dot, every comma, every jot, every tittle, was a great big lie. Our rulers brought this fatuous exercise in silly conspiracy theorism on themselves and us, having foisted the definite untruth of WMD on the world. After all, why should we believe anything proclaimed by the governments of Washington and London which endorsed that mendacity?

Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11 Release: 2007 Country: Italy Cert (UK): 12A Runtime: 104 mins Directors: Francesco Tre, Franco Fracassi Cast: Dario Fo, Giulietta Chiesa, Gore Vidal More on this film Silly, however, is certainly what the 9/11 theories are. To recap: this movie, like an earlier essay called Loose Change, promotes the belief not merely that 9/11 was a bogus pretext for war, but that it was a bogus event itself, faked, stage-managed and orchestrated by the powers that be. The twin towers were not brought down by kamikaze terrorists, but demolished by covert military-grade explosives, smuggled into the building, of which molten metal in the ashy ruins is the residual evidence. The crashing planes were a diversionary stunt. The so-called terrorists were CIA-mujahideen stooges, who may or may not have been on board, but in any case were ordered to establish their existence on dozens of security cameras to establish an alibi. The plane that crashed into the Pentagon must have been a missile, because the hole isn't big enough for anything else.

And so on. These theories are rehearsed by Dario Fo, with an insufferably smug grin inappropriate for discussing an event whose casualties he presumably does not dispute, and who is pointedly described as a "Nobel prizewinner" - though his prize is for literature, not engineering.

As it happens, the dissident theories about the towers' downfall have already been extensively answered by engineers at least as qualified as the ones contributing here. Yes, the Towers' designers complain that their buildings should have withstood plane crashes - but then, they would, wouldn't they? They don't want to be blamed. Or sued. Farcassi and Trento don't get into the cui bono aspect of it all, presumably to avoid accusations of sensationalism or conspiracy theorism. But without this kind of reasoning, their film is meaningless. And incidentally, they don't mention the fourth plane, the one that crashed into a field - so does that mean that there were terrorists on that one?

However, daft as it all is, I must now admit something. The film-makers do raise one legitimate question. It concerns WTC-7, the third tower that collapsed that day - still a little-known event - seven hours after the first two, apparently as a result of fire and debris damage. But it had not been struck by a plane. How exactly could that fall down? Well, that too is part of the back-and-forth slanging match between "truthers" and the rest. Perhaps if the Bush government hadn't been so secretive, so belligerent and dishonest, then this sort of loopiness wouldn't have found such fertile soil to grow.

Go to Google Video — To download this film.

Fabled Enemies

Fabled Enemies by Jason Bermas is the latest film to question the events of September 11th 2001. Instead of the focus being on physical anomolies surrounding the attacks, it focuses on a vast intelligence network and how they were able to succeed almost 7 years ago.

It begins with footage from the morning itself reminding everyone that in the court of public opinion Osama Bin laden was convicted on day 1, there were no other suspects. We then delve into the fact that many of the alleged hijackers were trained at U.S. military facilities, and still others had ties to the FBI. When others within the FBI tried to go after Bin Laden, and his financial supporters there investigations were impeded and shut down.

Able Danger the Black Ops program that identified the hijackers prior to 9/11 had also tried to move the information tot he FBI, but the FBI still was not interested for some reason. Anthony Shaffer who headed up this team later met with Phillip Zelikow, the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, to try and pass this information along after the fact. It was then covered up, not included in the report, and Shaffer and his team were gagged and slandered.

The film then explores the mystery of those who were detained on the morning of September 11th. Several vans were stopped that morning containg Israeli citizens, who either seemed to have prior knowledge of the attacks, or had explosives in their vehicle. When investigators started looking into this network it was revealed they did indeed have a classified role in 9/11, and that two companies within the United States may have been helping them gain their intel.

This network's existence is then confirmed by whistle blower Sybyl Edmonds, who came across a international spy ring containing Turks, Israelis, and member's of Pakistani Intelligence. The Pakistani operation was headed by General Mahmoud Ahmed, who had financial ties to the hijackers, and diplomatic ties to the upper echelons of Washington.

After two seperate government investigations into 9/11 you would think that the public would be satisfied with their efforts and conclusions. However we show you how both the Congressional Report and the 9/11 Commission Report were a whitewash and a scam to begin with, and how it was used to manipulate the public into believeing the issue had been dealt with and thouroghly explained.

In reality there were many warnings prior to 9/11, and the US government seemed to be listening, because in the months leading up to 9/11 it had been running drills of hijacked aircraft being flown into buildings. Then on the morning of 9/11 itself drills mirroring the attacks were taking place at the same time as the "real" hijackings happened.

Air Force One and the White House were also reported to have been targets that day, and further evidence presented in the film suggests that there were indeed many other targets that morning, and that our leaders were very aware of this. This information then fell into the memory hole, never to be discussed in a meaningful way again.

Another fact that has fallen below the radar is that the Continuity of Government program or "Shadow Government" was put into power on the morning of 9/11. This program was revamped in the early 80's by none other than George Herbert Walker Bush, the presidents father. It should also come as no surprise that operational centers that carried many of those in charge of the COG program were already in the air that morning as part of the Global Gaurdian exercise that was taking place.

World Trade Center building 7 is then put under the microscope as it was New York City's number one spookhouse and operational center. It not only contained the Office of Emergency Management which all local government was supposed to flock to in the case of such an emergency, but also the largest Secret Service office in the world, the largest CIA base outside of Virginia, and scores of other agencies such as the SEC, the DOD, and the IRS. We take you inside 7 with emergency worker Barry Jennings account of multiple explosions inside the building before either tower had fell.

The case of the anthrax attacks is also explored. Several letters reading "9-11 01" "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" were mailed to members of the media and congress in a successful attempt to strike more fear into the population, while blaming radical Muslims. The anthrax was then analyzed, and despite efforts to cover it up, it was highly weaponized and refined, and was made in one U.S. military facility at Ft. Detrick Maryland.

All of this and much, much more is discussed in the new film, and we hope that you support our efforts here at Infowars by getting the DVD and making numerous copies and handing them out to others.

Go to Google Video — To download this film.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Zeitgeist the Movie

Zeitgeist was created as a non-profit filmiac expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large think they are. The information in Zeitgeist was established over a year long period of research and the current Source page on this site lists the basic sources used / referenced. Soon, an Interactive Transcript will be online with detailed footnotes and links so exact sources and further research can be relayed.

Though many different frauds are addressed in Zeitgeist, at the present time the most important issue is exposing 9/11 and thus exposing government sponsored Terrorism. If we do not, they will erode all of our civil liberties and an oppressive, military style, surveillance based Police State will take firm root.

On Aug. 4th 2007, the Senate passed the Bush backed 'spy bill', which preserves & expands the illegal domestic spying program. I hope people are educated enough by this time to know that such legislations have nothing to do with Terrorism, and everything to do with monitoring and controlling American dissent.

Furthermore, on May 9 2007, Bush signed the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive, which gives Bush near full dictatorial powers in the event of a "National Emergency". Bush, and the people he works for, will be able to do ANYTHING they want if a "National Emergency" is deemed. All they need is a "New 9/11". The US Constitution will no longer be applicable.

In regards to this Directive, Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration, has come out and said he feels the White House is preparing to STAGE A NEW 9/11 and the executive order is designed to capitalize on such an attack, specifically to impose Martial Law and Invade Iran.


It's important to point out that there is a tendency to simply disbelieve things that are counter to our understanding, without the necessary research performed.

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Egypt in the New Millenium

by Jordan Maxwell

Jordan speaking at the Egypt in the New Millennium conference at Giza in 1999. A 90-minute talk on Egypt as the foundation for western religion, the Pyramids, and governmental structures of the world based on the ancient Egyptian system. Also discussed: Hollywood, the use of words, a general expose on the dark side of world affairs.

Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and speaker in the fields of secret societies, occult philosophies, and ufology since 1959. His work is not only fascinating to explore, but too important to ignore.

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Magic Dominates the World

by Jordan Maxwell

Magick, in the broadest sense, is any act designed to cause intentional change. The spelling with the terminal "k" was re-popularized in the first half of the 20th century by Aleister Crowley when he introduced it as a core component of Thelema. "The Anglo-Saxon k in Magick, like most of Crowley's conceits, is a means of indicating the kind of magic which he performed. K is the eleventh letter of several alphabets, and eleven is the principal number of magick, because it is the number attributed to the Qliphoth - the underworld of demonic and chaotic forces that have to be conquered before magick can be performed. K has other magical implications: it corresponds to the power or shakti aspect of creative energy, for k is the ancient Egyptian khu, the magical power. Specifically, it stands for kteis (vagina), the complement to the wand (or phallus) which is used by the Magician in certain aspects of the Great Work."

For Crowley, the alternate spelling was used to differentiate it from other practices, such as stage magic. Magick is not capable of producing "miracles" or violating the physical laws of the universe (e.g., it cannot cause a solar eclipse), although "it is theoretically possible to cause in any object any change of which that object is capable by nature".

Crowley preferred the spelling magick, defining it as "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will." By this, he included "mundane" acts of will as well as ritual magic. In Magick in Theory and Practice, Chapter XIV, Crowley says: What is a Magical Operation? It may be defined as any event in nature which is brought to pass by Will. We must not exclude potato-growing or banking from our definition. Let us take a very simple example of a Magical Act: that of a man blowing his nose.

Crowley saw magick as the essential method for a person to reach true understanding of the self and to act according to one's True Will, which he saw as the reconciliation "between freewill and destiny." Crowley describes this process: One must find out for oneself, and make sure beyond doubt, who one is, what one is, why one is...Being thus conscious of the proper course to pursue, the next thing is to understand the conditions necessary to following it out. After that, one must eliminate from oneself every element alien or hostile to success, and develop those parts of oneself which are specially needed to control the aforesaid conditions.

Since the time of Crowley's writing about magick, many different spiritual and occult traditions have adopted the spelling with the terminal -k, but have redefined what it means to some degree. For many modern occultists, it refers strictly to paranormal magic, which involves influencing events and physical phenomena by supernatural, mystical, or paranormal means.

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Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Occult World of Commerce

by Jordan Maxwell & Jason Whitney

This is the Maxwell-Whitney lecture on etymology (word meanings), Freemasonry and the Court system. Jason Whitney presents brief yet elaborate audio-visual occult/esoteric roadmap to understanding how our legal/banking systems are fundamentally predicated upon one thing, "commerce,” and the regulation thereof. The questions to consider are however, who is doing the regulation, what sort of regulation is being done and who has reaped the benefits from such regulation? Jason Whitney further asserts that the extraction of money "energy" from society is made possible by and through corrupt judges and other judicial henchman demonstrating the economic element of their criminal enterprise and how the fines, fees, restitution and forfeitures received by the courts have been deviously embezzled by Judges and their co-conspirators. The occult dynamics, esoteric concepts and other intrigue presented by Maxwell and Whitney is fundamentally essential for anyone who desires a greater insight as to how our out-of-control legal/banking construct is designed and operates in America. This presentation addresses: Man as a Word-Controlled Creature Civil Law vs. Admiralty/Maritime Law Maritime/Admiralty Law Superimposed over Civil Law One's Mother as a Merchant Vessel Giving Birth as a Commercial Maritime Concept Hospitals and Energy Farms Spiritual Beings vs. Human Beings Freemasonry, Banking and the Court Connection Judicial Slush Funds The use of Public Records Act Requests

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Matrix of Power - Secrets of World Control

by Jordan Maxwell

“Matrix of Power - Secrets of World Control” is a fascinating documentary, asking questions such as:

- "Who really runs the world?"
- "Who controls the money, the politics, and almost every facet of life without you knowing a thing about it?"
- "Is such a thing possible?"

Jordan Maxwell grew up in a family that had high-ranking insiders, in international politics and religion.

He had access to behind the scenes information that few people could imagine during his early years. This set him off on a lifetime of investigation. He is now considered to be the world's foremost authority on ancient religions and modern conspiracies, having appeared on three CBS television specials and countless radio shows.

His work on the true meaning of symbols, logos, and company insignias is also covered. Explore this fascinating subject with a man who has devoted a lifetime of study to uncovering our 'hidden masters'.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Destruction of Atlantis

by Michael Tsarion

Another brilliant documentary from Michael Tsarion. “The Destruction Of Atlantis” deals with the question - was Atlantis a centre of world civilization? This is an excellent quality documentary film, giving a great deal of insight into ancient history. Michael Tsarion is the publisher of many interesting books and films and he has a number of websites for those interested. Michael Tsarion's research is second to none and he has a unique perspective on the history of mankind. His documentary approaches many of the questions that have, traditionally, not been answered by science or religion.

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