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Friday, 27 February 2009

911 Ripple Effect

The long awaited follow-up to the controversial documentary “911 In Plane Site” is now available globally. With the release of “911 Ripple Effect” comes new information and analyses put forth by noted eyewitnesses, former military, pilots and independent researchers. As more and more people are realizing the inconsistencies in the media version of the happenings on September 11, 2001, William Lewis and Dave vonKleist, the documentary’s producers, fervently hope to light a proverbial fire under the population so that they will rise up and demand a new, independent investigation both for the victims of September 11th, but most importantly for the survivors.

With the use of on-the-street interviews, each segment is introduced as citizens of “Any town USA” tell what they heard and saw as that catastrophic day in our history unfolded. You know the stories, but what did we REALLY see?

“911 Ripple Effect” presents evidence and information about images shown to the world that were described to us by the media, but the twist is, these very images do not support the “official” story the media and government continue to tell. Even these stories have changed to fit the terrorist-riddled version of tragedy in the United States. VonKleist and Lewis provide some fairly damning reports, especially by Pentagon Correspondent Jamie McIntyre of CNN, Marc Birnbach of FOX News, and a reporter for the BBC, that are in direct conflict with the “official” versions. McIntyre, nearly five years later, is heard trying to explain away statements he made during live, first coverage broadcasts, Birnbach disappeared from FOX News for several years, and has now returned, and the BBC reported the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 nearly twenty minutes earlier than the actual collapse.

WTC Survivor William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez, World Trade Center survivor and eyewitness, tried to do his civic duty by contacting the FBI with what he knew. He told of a massive explosion in the sub-basement that “pushed us upwards.” Rodriguez was one of 14 witnesses to this explosion, and as he started to discuss what was going on with others present that day, there was another explosion above, a plane crashing into the building. His comments were misrepresented by an ABC affiliate to make Rodriguez appear to be describing the explosion caused by the plane impacting with the upper floors of One World Trade Center, when in fact, he was unmistakably describing a separate basement explosion prior to the plane impact. He kept quiet; believing the information was under investigation, only to find it had been mysteriously deleted from the 9/11 Commission Report.

There are several indications that the planes that slammed into the World Trade Center Buildings were not commercial airliners at all. That is what Birnbach, as well as witnesses on the ground, said during live, first coverage.

In captured images, both video and photographs, of U.A. Flight #175, there appears to be some type of “external piece of equipment” attached to the underbelly, as well as a bright anomalous flash preceding the crash. Independent researcher Phil Jayhan exposed this standout piece of evidence almost four years ago, and the Lewis/vonKleist team ran with it; revealing it in their first documentary “911 In Plane Site.” “Ripple Effect” shares interviews with former military, pilots and other independent researchers asking questions and conducting an extensive analysis of this massive three-dimensional “appendage” that did not belong on a commercial flight. However, Lieutenant Colonel John Marks of Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri gives viewers an on camera show-and-tell of what the U.S. military calls a “rocket pod,” which makes one wonder if this could be the “extra equipment.”

Jayhan, vonKleist and Lewis have taken a beating over “the flash and the pod,” but have stuck to the evidence, much to the chagrin of certain individuals involved with the 911 Truth Movement, many of whom advocate for the exclusion of certain key pieces of evidence, much like the omissions of the 911 Commission Report. However, the evidence stands on it’s own and is supported in this new documentary by interviews with Col. George Nelson, Major Glen MacDonald, Glen Stanish, Jim Fetzer, and others.

Jim Marrs discusses the similarities of the official story to that of the Northwoods Document of 1962. This document was planned by the then Joint Chiefs of Staff in an effort to gain the manipulated support of the United States population in a war against Cuba. Never enacted, however, the similarities in the plan to those of the tragedy surrounding 9/11 are not lost to those who have read the document.

The events centering around the “Twin Towers” were not the only anomalies that day. The “plane” that crashed into the Pentagon and the devastation there is in question, as well.

The external “E-ring” struck at the Pentagon withstood the plane crash; “E-ring” windows were in tact, for nearly thirty minutes before it collapsed. No identifiable pieces of plane were seen cluttering the lawn. What’s so odd is that a plane of that size would leave no large pieces of wreckage, no wing parts, no tail section, no plane seats, no passenger luggage, nothing of the sort, yet we were told that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon. The live, first coverage at the Pentagon does not bear out the official story there, either.

Jamie McIntyre reported, live, that he saw no large pieces of plane anywhere at the site, yet, last year he says he was there and photographed plane pieces. “Ripple Effect” puts forth the audio evidence for your discernment, as well as other inconsistencies surrounding the events at the Pentagon.
What happened at Shanksville, PA is also in question. If a plane had crashed in the field, as was reported, the wreckage would have been “contained.” However, the Shanksville wreckage was spread for miles, and there was a huge crater left behind, indicating that it was not a “simple” plane crash. Witnesses, there, heard what sounded like a “missile,” and as reported, most pieces of the plane wreckage recovered could be held in your hands.

And what about the “master-mind” behind the attacks in question? Circulating the Internet last year was a very surprising e-mail by independent researcher Paul Sheridan that revealed that the FBI was not looking for bin Laden in regards to this particular terrorist attack. The Muckraker Report did a follow-up article, calling FBI Agent Rex Tomb to verify this finding. Tomb revealed that, indeed, there was not enough evidence for the FBI to add the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 to bin Laden’s “wanted poster.”

These discrepancies, and many others, are presented in a viewer-friendly documentary that should be a wake-up call to the world. The end of the film calls us all to take action, to make a stand, wake up and save our nation. With all the evidence provided in this new documentary, one has to see just how much the media and government version simply does not add up, yet we are still being spoon fed the same old story, and expected to believe it. Lewis, vonKleist, and many others have more questions and are looking for the answers. We should all take note and make our own inquiries. Get active, get up off the couch and demand the truth be told at once. If we do not take charge of our own future, who will?

Go to Google Video — To download this film.

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