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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Michael Tsarion - Architects of Control - Program One - Mass Control & Future of Mankind

Film produced by Michal Tsarion and Blue Fire explores humankind's
future and the post-human world. Michael's focus is on individual
slave (and by extension slave owner's) psyche and internal motives
rather than the circus. Why slave needs the master and why master
needs the slave? The pyramid is made of people that lean on each
other. Mass and transpersonal psyche, which is substantially
different from individual psyche and crucial for understanding
mass control is not approached in program one, although it could
be in further programs.

Download Part 1 from vidbux
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Download Part 3 from vidbux

Monday, 20 December 2010

Master Plan - About the Power of Google

A full online movie about the Power of Google. I guess there is still a lot of waking up to do when it comes to people realizing that they are living in the age of information these days and that access to information and intelligence in general (as it is called within the military) is power in its purest form. So anybody who might be schocked by this: “Welcome to the 2oth century… Oh wait we are past that already… The 21st century is just getting in full swing”.

Good movie with facts that should be obvious, but mankinds weakness has always been talking about the past insted of living the present day and thinking of the future. Google definitely has a chokehold on information and its supply but humanity is not anywhere, but where it has manouvered itself into and we are always just learning how to cope with matters of the past. So do not fear the future – learn to cope with new matters at hand and use them for the benefit of the global brain – and what the internet has achieved – the first steps to a collective global consiousness. “We are Borg”. Not grim but bright.

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