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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology

by Michael Tsarion
Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology - Part 1

Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology - Part 2

As long as you consider the stars as something above the head, you will lack the eye of knowledge - Fredrick Nietzsche

What connection do the symbols of government, religion, royalty and the corporate world have with the constellations and zodiac? Who was Jesus Christ? What he really the son of God and founder of Christianity? Is our culture Judeo-Christian, or Egytpo-Christian? Why did the orthodox Church suppress the Gnostics, and massacre women for centuries? What did Jesus mean when he said the Temple of God is within, and that others could do what he did?

Why did Jesus refer to himself as the "Morning Star," and ask his disciples to be as wise as "serpents." Why was astrology and divination really prohibited? In the commandments, why does the edict against "making graven images" come before the edict against killing? What do the symbols on flags, on heraldry, on money and on corporate logos, and in ads, mean? Why are there so many cultural similarities when it comes to
religion, race and tradition? What are the solutions to the economic, political, social and psychological challenges of the future?

In Program Five, of the "Origins & Oracles" series, we learn about the real origins and meaning of the term - "Holy Spirit," and we learn what humanity must do to secure its survival in the following years. We discover the actual roots of Christianity and find out what religious hierarchs have been hiding for over 2,000 years. Michael Tsarion investigates the suppression of women, the ecocidal tendency and the corruption in high places. Since, as Michael Tsarion says, the world elites have allegiances to hidden cults and secret societies, how can we expect them to honor their professed duties to humanity? In this all-revealing presentation we discover that the modern religions and political ideologies morphed out of seven great cults of power which ruled the world for millennia. The most powerful of these Cults was the "Stellar
Cult," dominant for over 10,000 years. Christ and the other Magi were initiates of this Cult, which gave mankind such sciences as astrology, astromancy, and the Tarot. Known as "Serpents," they were the architects of the great temple structures such as the pyramids and the Sphinx. After the great Cults became corrupted they eventually gave rise to the modern exploitative religious and political hierarchies that prey off society today. We are still controlled by the elite bloodlines of these secret orders which continue to lead the world toward ruin and chaos. In this astounding presentation, Michael Tsarion demonstrates how religion and politics work to shape both the events around you, and the thoughts within you. "Astro-Theology" reveals the nature of the psychic and spiritual desecration which covertly operates upon us daily, and unlike the majority of other experts and researchers, Michael offers provocative solutions to our social and psychic predicaments.

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