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Sunday, 15 March 2009

What Makes The Light - Final Edition

What makes the light: Final Edition takes a look at the Illuminati's favorite story, the story of their dark messiah. Their Chosen One. By analyzing and connecting seemingly unconnected movies (The man who would be king, star Wars, Stargate, The Matrix, and Harry Potter, and The Road To El Dorado ), this documentary reveals a story told over and over again in Hollywood. Also contains clips from "A Scanner Darkly", John Carpenter's "They Live" and his other insider's piece "Prince of Darkness."

The Man who would be king is clearly rooted in scripture. The movie, from end to end, is loaded with subliminal messages.

Danny, a large man and disbeliever, signs a contract with his best friend. These two characters are self-admittedly rotten who have "burned their bridges," and claim to have "tumbled from the skies."

Danny begins teaching the ways and weapons of war just like Azazel in the Book of Enoch. He is also injured with what seemed to be a mortal wound, but survives for practical reasons, rather than mystical. And just like in the bible, the people wonder after this recovery. But soon, falls victim to his own con.

As is told in the book of enoch the fallen angels ask Michael [Jesus] for a "secret " that when revealed to humans will identify them as "heaven sent." A scene reproduced in Star Wars and stargate.

And from the book of Genesis the serpent tells eve will not die for "tasting the fruit " despite the fact that it is common knowledge she will. "Roxanne" seems to be under a similar impression. Also the viewer is informed that a god has no blood but fire in his veins. Similar to how the muslim hadiths speak of the gods as being made of "smokeless flame " but humans are made of clay.

In the final days we are told ( by the christian and muslim prophecies ) that wickedness will be widespread. Something even peachy comments on.

The eternal emnity God promised in the book of Genesis bites Danny on the cheek and the "god" is revealed as mortal. A theme that reoccurs in The Matrix and The Road to El Dorado.

In the Book of Enoch Azazel is eventually cast into a hole in the midst of a desert. The same fate awaiting "Danny " who is stands with his brainy friend in the middle of a desert waiting to be cast into a pit. A theme that comes up again in Starwars (Return of the Jedi).

Peachy claims he last saw Rudyard Kipling "three summers and a thousand years ago." Or 1003 years the exact amount of time the anti-christ is said to rule plus the time Satan was in prison. Exactly 1003 years.

With "Peachy's" face burnt you get the impression that he spent those 1000 years burning. Well in the book of Enoch this is Semyaza's fate.

The Book of revelation makes reference to seven angels blowing their seven trumpets. Through each phase of danny's rule trumpets are heard.

The many similarities between Rudyard Kipling's "Peachy and Danny" and george Lucas' "Luke Skywalker and Han Solo" are startling; beyond coincidence. Both Han Solo and danny disbelieve in anything mystical both live in a world of possession.

Both Pairs from the Man who would be king and Starwars are friends with a sissy translator who later informs them that they have been mistaken for gods. And both refer to themselves as "servants." Both pairs have a brainy friend and a ballsy counterpart. Both pairs hold a grudge against an empire. Both Han Solo and Danny were temprary blind due to coldness and both were saved and led to safety by their brainy best friend. Both pairs were honored as war heroes together. Both pairs arrived to a primitive planet threatened by the leader and mistaken for gods. Both pairs faced the danger of being cast into a pit in the midst of a desert and both Han and Danny make arrogant remarks despite the danger. And both pairs faced the danger of a thousand years of torment.

Vadar's mother Shmi gave birth to him by immaculate conception. Similar to Mary. Also the actress who plays Shmi [Pernilla August] played the role of Mary in another movie [ Mary Mother of Jesus] made the same year as Starwars:The Phantom Menace.

Young vadar is acknowledged as the "Chosen One," but like Jesus, is eventually rejected as the Chosen One by temple leaders. Vadar is the most powerful magician alive, and is obsessed with preserving life by using the force. just like in the book of revelation ,their is war in heaven and Vadar [Jesus/Michael] crushes the rebels. Just as Jesus did, Vader storms a temple and says "If you're not with me you're against me," a statement Jesus has uttered.

Just like in The Man who would be King, a character in Stargate by the name of "Danny" is given a gold-colored necklace adorned with the all seeing eye. And when discovered with it, are declared a god by primitive people.

The viewer is shown why the primitive people have made such an error, because they've kept and waited for someone with that symbol to arrive. Both Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter are orphans, left to live with their magic-phobic uncles, dropped off by a wizard who is later insulted by the uncle.Both are relegated to doing chores.

Both Luke and Neo are informed about the nature of "The Force." Both are trained on how to use their new powers, and both find that the only thing they lack is faith. Luke Neo, and Harry Potter can fly and all three are opposed by similar looking entities.

The illuminati commonly use trains, water,and mist to symbolize stargates and "dimensional shifts."

The "Backdoor scene" shows up in John Carpenter's "The Live." This large room with portals to distant points in space is also spoke of in the book of Enoch. The group from Harry potter, The Matrix, and starwars all use keys to get where they're going. The trainstation, often represents judgement, or the gates between two parellel worlds. "Peachy" too, from The man who would be king, has to "Meet a man at the station."

Neo and Luke are outnumber against an empire whose leader is serching for their hidden base. Both groups from The matrix and Starwars have a similar mission, and make similar escapes. Luke and Neo both have bounties on their heads. Even harry potter has someone looking to kill him.

Both Luke and Harry Potter find out that they are part of a magical bloodline but have no memory of their parents. Both Luke and Harry find out the person "looking to kill them" is their "father." Both Neo's and Luke's body needed rebuilding and both suffered eye problems. Even Danny from stargate feels it. All of the stories happen in realities where possession is possible. Luke, Neo, and Harry Potter suffer from nightmarish, prophetic dreams. Neo, Harry, and Luke are proclaimed the "Chosen Ones," and having respective prophecies regarding such.

In the Matrix, Starwars, The man would be king, Stargate, and The Road to El Dorado, the characters are mistaken for gods and eventually revealed as otherwise.

In all the stories, Godly figures are made of fire and light.

In stargate and The man who would be king, a woman is offered and denied. In Stargate, The Man who would be king, and The Road to El dorado, one of the "gods" decides to stay, while the other insists on leaving. And both intend on leaving with "the riflemen."

Both Dannys are asked if they're sure about their decision to stay.

Neo, Luke, and Harry Potter fight an endf-battle with their equal. And the case of Luke and Harry Potter, both are asked to "let go."

In the Road to El Dorado, to criminals on the run from an empire (Britain, Spain). In both movies (El Dorado, The Man who would be king ) a map leads them to their destination. Racing down tight streets, mistaken as gods, ad laugh about the natives' mistake. Both hatch a plan involving plunder. Both put a halt to executions.

Both are taken back by the wealth they stand to gain. The two were expected to stay for a 1000 years because that's what the REAL christ will do. Both are seen bleeding and exposed as mortal. Their treasure is wasted.

Matt Groening's retelling of the Man who would be King in his episode of The Simpson entitled "Homer the great." Also were the many illumunist symbology implanted in the episode.

The Extras begins with A Skanner Darkly. Who is obviously Alex Jones is busy with his trademark bullhorn screaming in order to walk the people up. Jones, who is quickly dragged away. In the same movie, a police state where there is no privacy.

In a Skanner Darkly, everything can be traced and traced. And anyone.

Mr. Downey wears a shirt with an all-seeing eye and complains about shapeshifting lizards. The shapeshifting reptilians also appear in Star Wars, Harry Potter, and They Live.

In John Carpenter's They Live, once again train symbolism is used. The main character finds himself in the middle of a plot by perpetrated by people who aren't what they seem.

In The Prince opf Darkness, people who appear "weak with the force" are seen possessed and mesmorized. A capsule containing pure evil, similar to Harry Potter's chamber of Secrets, is unleashed upon the world.

Bad dreams, like those of Harry Potter and Neo, haunt the members of this scientific team. A painful mark, similar to Harry Potter's, is found developing on one of the members. The "Chosen One."

Possessed people and the Chosen One with the mark, attempt to open a portal and release the "father of satan." The Chosen one has telekenisis.

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