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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Beyond The Cutting Edge

by David Icke
Beyond The Cutting Edge - Part 1

Beyond The Cutting Edge - Part 2

Beyond The Cutting Edge - Part 3

Beyond The Cutting Edge - Part 4

Beyond The Cutting Edge - Part 5

Beyond The Cutting Edge - Part 6

Since his extraordinary ‘awakening’ in 1990 and 1991, David Icke has been on a journey across the world,
and within himself, to find the Big answers to the Big questions: Who are we? Where are we? What are we
doing here? Who really controls this world and how and why?

In this seven-hour presentation to 2,500 people at the Brixton Academy in London, David addresses all these
questions and connects the dots between them to reveal a picture of life on earth that is truly beyond the
cutting edge.

Nowhere in the world will you see a presentation like this one, which connects the apparently unconnected
to form the tapestry of knowledge that can set us free from our collective enslavement by the hidden powers
behind government, banking, business, media and all the other agencies of manipulation and control.

What is the connection between ancient history, 9/11, the ‘war on terror’, the gathering Orwellian nightmare
and the nature of reality itself? It seems a strange question to most people, but in fact all are fundamentally
linked, as Icke so compellingly reveals.

As he says: ‘Without understanding the nature of our experienced reality and how we create it, we cannot truly
understand anything else.’

Tens of millions around the world have become aware of David Icke and his work as what he has written in a
stream of books has become our daily experience.

Now, go with him to the next stage of his incredible journey – a journey Beyond the Cutting Edge.

Exposing The Dreamworld We Believe to be Real. David Icke talks at Brixton Academy, UK on May 2008. This video should be considered sub-retail and for education purposes only. Due to the need for this information, this file is distributed without the direct expressed consent of the original copyright holders. It is freely recorded or downloaded from public sources before being further compiled. In this form it is highly compressed, degraded and it should be considered to be sub-retail, non-commercial file. It was created for personal reference and educational use only. We are all travelers on the path of knowledge, as our understanding grows over time. As we move along the path we meet many travelers, some of which become Mentors who share their experiences and help us explore the unknown. They have the power of speech, broadcasting into the airwaves, leaving behind a wealth of words which we can gather together and share. Now enjoy and copy freely.

Go to Google Video — To download this film.

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  1. Parts 1, 3 and 5 seem to have been erased.


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