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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Shamanism, Voodoo & Journeys to the Spirit World

with Bert Janessen and Chris Everard

A brilliant and revealing interview.

Bert Janssen is talking about Shamans and their role of seeing and interacting with the unseen realm. Shamanism is intended for positive use like spiritual healing. When a group of shamans were taken as slaves to America, they were treated badly by the whites. They settled in Jamaica and this is when voodoo originated, the negative use of the shamans powers.

This documentary talks about spiritual experiences, past lives, wounds and healing, reincarnation, death, and healthy dying.

He discusses the five worlds being:

1 The Stone World
2 The Plant world
3 The Animal world
4 The World of Collective Conciousness
5 The World of the gods

The Incas believe we will all eventually reach the 4th world. But by dying unconciously we will reincarnate into a lower world, and when this happens it takes us a long time to reach the 4th world.

He talks about wounds from previous life being taken with us into this life.

Janssen talks about dying conciously and the ultimate spiritual aim to stop reincarnation, to move out of the physical realm and reach a higher realm. Central to this belief is the idea of a healthy death, which is dying conciously. This is a belief held by South Americans and Tibetans.

He talks about the beliefs of the Inca shamans, the different afterlives that we go to and the movement up the ladder from the lower realms to the higher realms. He talks about shamans helping spirits to return to the higher world.

He says we can visit the different worlds while still alive and we can actually see who is there. And we can help in directing the spirits to the right place. He talks about the idea of people not dying in a concious way, in which case we move to a lower world. Moving to a lower world makes the afterlife more difficult. He says people who died in a horrible way can actually become stuck inbetween two worlds.

He discusses the luminous energy field, like an aura, which the shaman looks at to help in the healing of the physical body. He says we can learn to see this field and to see the damage in this energy field. They discuss the higher self, divinity, ghosts, timelessness, meditation, altered states, dragon lines, grid walking.

Go to Google Video — To download this film.

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