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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Terrorism, Globalism and Conspiracy by Dr Michael Parenti

Dr. Michael Parenti, an internationally known lecturer, author, professor, and political analyst, explains the globalization strategies of the wealthy elite and how corporations have only increased the divide between the rich and the poor. He also focuses on the truths behind the Iraq invasion and how the U.S. government used Saddam Hussein to advance their imperialistic agenda.


“Globalization is an attempt to extend corporate monopoly control over the entire globe…over every national economy, over every local economy, over every life. It does this by treating international corporate property rights and international corporate investment rights as supreme. As taking precedence over all other rights including our democratic sovereignty. You know, globalization has been treated by its proponents as a natural, inevitable process. First we had local economies. Then, they naturally became regional economies. And then national, and then international, and now one big global economy. It just happens that way…. In fact there’s nothing inevitable about it and there’s certainly nothing natural about it. Globalization is being forced upon us through a series of secretive international trade agreements. Globalization, really when you look at it, historically in a centuries old context is a future variant of imperialism.”

“We’re taught a few things about capitalism. We’re taught that it’s a system that works. It’s a system that has brought us prosperity. We’ve heard that all our lives. Now I’m going to try to convince you otherwise, and I’m going to do it in two minutes… It’s very simple. Almost the entire world is capitalist, and almost the entire world is poor. Capitalist Indonesia is miserably poor and getting poorer. Capitalist India is miserably poor and getting poorer. So is capitalist Thailand and capitalist Nigeria and capitalist El Salvador and Haiti and Mexico and Brazil and Argentina. And capitalist Russia and Poland and Bulgaria with all the privatization and de regulation and free market coming in. POVERTY! Poverty… increase in crime, increase in desperation, increase in misery, increase in homelessness, increase in suicides… it’s capitalism at work.”

“Now here’s a hidden fact about Iraq. This is a secret fact. It’s a secret in America It’s a secret on the U.S. media. It’s a secret on all the pundit talk shows. It’s a secret among our national official leaders. It’s never mentioned. But Saddam Hussein was put in power in Iraq by the CIA. He was sponsored by the U.S. His task was to stop the Iraqi democratic revolution. And he did that. He destroyed the Kurdish democratic party. He destroyed the Iraqi communist party which was a reformist coalition party..coalition building party. He even slaughtered and executed the left wing of his own Ba’thist party. He was Washington’s boy. They loved him. They gave him aid. They built those chemical and bacteriological factories that he had in Iraq.”

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