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Monday, 16 March 2009

Conspiracy Anyone - Rise of Conspiratorial Thinking by Barrie Zwicker

57 minutes of interviews and discussions about Conspiracy Research. This is probably a pretty good reflection of where the
Lamestream media at right now. A clip is played of Alex Jones (who is now generally regarded as a gatekeeper) in this one .
My THEORY regarding Alex Jones is that I figure he might have been set up and busted for drugs back in his college days. I used to listen to
him regularly, and he appears to have known the "wrong crowd" - hanging around with rich Texas Satanist types. He has
admitted to drug use in his youth and even arrest on his shows. Personally, if I was a CIA station chief, I would have set up and
busted him MYSELF to make him into an alternative media superstar. Again, this is only SPECULATION, but it might explain why Alex
is on the payroll now... and overall, not happy about it. I don't think he likes the turn his life took... That's my guess... but
he is making more moohlah than the rest of us... that is for certain. ALEX JONES gives us a clue about what he REALLY believes in
his new movie Endgame. (I am speaking about the first web release version that I saw so I hope I have this right.) Anyway, at 66
minutes, yes 66 minutes in to the film, he talks about the Roman Empire system where Rome controlled the roads, and would tax you
and bash your heads in while taxing you more. I suspect this is how Alex managed to slip the identity of the great Satan into his
film without directly angering his handlers. I think his heart is on our side, but he has a family and is stuck on the payroll of
something that is not so easy to get out of. He knows full well that the globalists are nothing more than the CULT OF AVARICE, and
their legal framework is ROMAN LAW - CANON LAW. Rome's problem is that their entire system is nothing but a system of GREED, and
it pretty much dominates the entire world. Greed based systems are sickening and wrought with problems, so hiding what's wrong is
impossible. Rome doesn't WANT to address the greed issue, so they do their best to pile the blame on a "Satanic Jewish
Plot". Supposedly the Jews are demon possessed due to their non-Roman religion, and thus they are really the true avarice
addicts. This is just a bunch of scapegoating. Jews may be part of the avarice problem, but they are not the sole personification
of it. Ultimately there are no factions that we can blame. We can't even blame Rome for what has gone wrong. If we want to be
truthful, we have to condemn avarice itself. Sadly, most people are not ready to take that step. Too many people still believe in
the system of avarice due to it's enticements, and are blind to it's side effects. They are enslaved by it, and thus not
comfortable with casting away it's chains. If we want a better world, we are going to have to get serious and start treating GREED
as an addiction far more serious and destructive than any physical drug or similar temptation. As for Alex Jones, there is no
possible way we can trust him outright... but I suspect he really does despise the New World Order... a.k.a. the Revived Roman
Empire of Feudalism. He simply can't get out of the box that he's in right now... so let's think like Alex for a moment. He's
trying to get out as much information as he can. Possibly, in his mind it's a "lesser of two evils" situation. He's
screwed, we're screwed... but what do you do? He touches upon a ton of subjects that the Lamestream media would never EVER get
to... so he's not all bad. I think we just have to realize that he is stuck in a situation and forced to tow a party line that
includes psychological warfare. Hopefully, the point will come when he is able to break away from the degenerates who are likely
"blackmailing" him. I'm happy Alex put that clip about Rome in his film, because that in a nutshell is the system we are
dealing with. It even explains what the Roman Catholic King of Spain is doing in Texas... privatizing the roads. Too bad Alex
can't body slam the real baddies directly. But in conclusion... THE ROMAN EMPIRE IS OBSOLETE. The Jesuits, Sovereign Military
Order of Malta, and all their nonsense isn't adding up to a hill of beans. It's just a conceited attempt to impose avarice-based
tyranny over a planet that despises them, while failing to understand. These fools, motivated by pure selfishness are seeking to
conquer the world once again like brats in a sandbox. Their arrogance and conceit has blinded them to the simple fact that they
don't actually rule anything. Their entire empire, is nothing but a sickening and worthless planetary cancer. These
"men" rape the world, and dismantle true health and cooperation, so they can artificially prop themselves up as
"gods of greatness". Their AVARICE ADDICTED mentalities are nothing more than psychological cancer of the worst kind and
the saddest thing of all, is that the pittance they are gaining in exchange for their misdeeds will never come close to covering
up the shame they will soon be facing. The DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE of the Internet continues to grow, and the "New World
Order" conspiracy of today is going to be remembered more as a filthy stain and embarrassment that these "men" will
never live down. At least if they truly were gaining something indulgent and fantastic, there'd be some sort of justification for
their misdeeds. Sadly, they are really nothing but ego bound boys attempting to play the part of Caesar and impress a planet that
is revolted by them. The Roman Empire managed to bring forth "order out of chaos" and imposed a certain degree of
progress upon the world despite it's brutality and barbarity. For the time, it was arguably better than nothing, and did lead to
certain forms of progress. But that was 2000 years ago. Our current world has now reached the digital age, and the meagre
"good points" to be gained by continuing with a global DICTATORSHIP OF AVARICE simply don't add up. The current
"leaders" of this debacle need to lose the schoolboy they grew up with regarding a system that will no longer work, and
should NOT be imposed on the rest of us. It's a DIGITAL AGE, and not the Age of Ancient Empires. The secret society frat boys now
more than ever need to re-assess their psychological framework and change their ways... or else we will learn new lessons the hard
way. The Roman Empire is the mirror of the mind of a rather nasty child. Maturity is needed rather than the attempt to relive the
"glory" of old times. Even at their best, the Caesars were rather sickening... and that was then this is now. The
"New World Order" is destined to crash whether the greedy little dirtballs running it like it or not. The real work is
about doing what must be done, and not about the self-aggrandizement of an obsolete system based wholly on conceit. -- Anyway, this video showed up on usenet and may be of moderate interest to conspiracy researchers.

Go to Google Video — To download this film.

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  1. The first 30 minutes were excellent. The last half-hour a bunch of phonies. Making big bucks fooling the stupid public.


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