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Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Chief Cornerstone

by Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell continues as a pre-eminent researcher and speaker in the fields of secret societies, occult philosophies, and ufology since 1959. His work is not only fascinating to explore, but too important to ignore.

There is a whole world of knowledge hidden from most people because most people can’t handle the truth.

I wanted to know. That’s the difference.

There are two kinds of things: The kind that you look up and the kind that you make up.

Asking the right question is half way to finding the right answer.

In the bible Jesus is referred to as the chief cornerstone the builders rejected.

The chief cornerstone is the top of the pyramid.

The word “Church” comes from:

Comes from a Scottish word “kirk”. It goes back to a Greek goddess called Mother Circe.
It becomes Mother Circ in Rome.
The Templars took it to Scottland and called it Mother Kirk and the English call it Mother Church.
According to Greek mythology Circe was able to hypnotize people with her magic and bring them into her house and close the door… and take from them their mentality and their brains and turn them into animals and eat them.

And this is precisely what Mother Church has done.

All over the world she has brought in people and took from them their mentality and intelligence and their natural ability to think and shut the door behind and now live off of them.

Let me warn you that the same people who have given you Illuminati… who have given you your international banking cartels… who have given you your corrupt governmental systems, has also given you the Church.

There is a story in the Bible… in the New Testament… called Christianity.

It is a hidden story. It’s filled with symbols. It’s a metaphor. That is why the Bible is called the “biggest story ever told”. It’s just a story.

But it is very interestingly woven… as to symbolics… metaphors.

And once you understand what the symbols mean it finally hits you. Wow… now I see what the Bible is saying. And it’s not saying anything like what you thought Mother Church has taught you.

The Church is merely a corporate entity founded in Europe by the Knights Templars. The same people we today call international bankers.

International bankers own your government. They presume to own your body. They own your systems of communication… your banking systems.They own your church.

Back to the chief cornerstone.

What you are looking at here is the chief cornerstone of the scriptures (the eye).

Why is a pyramid on the back of a Dollar bill?

This is the symbol for Jesus. The chief cornerstone…

Quote Bible Proverbs, Chapter 25, 2:
“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: But the glory of Kings is to search out a matter. “
It is as if God is trying to play a trick with you… see if you are smart enough to figure this one out. He conceals and he waits to see if you are humble enough… and spiritually integrity enough and smart enough to figure it out. It is sitting right in front of you and you never saw it.

Consequently… obviously this is a very important symbol… very powerful in our world… to people who run America… run the world.

Novus Ordo Seclorum:
It simply means the new order of the ages or the new age… or the new world order.

We find that originally in Virgo. The court historian or the court poet I should say… the court appointed poet in the Roman empire to the Cesars… his name was Virgo.

And in honour for Cesar he wrote a poem for Cesar. And he had a poem in which he referred to something called the Novus Ordo Seclorum… the new order of the ages.

You need to understand that the Roman Empire is still with us today… called the Vatican… the Holy Father… I will tell you a thing. There is nothing holy about the Holy Father. There’s nothing holy about the Church. There is nothing holy in Israel. The only holy in Israel are the stories… they are filled with holes… There is nothing holy in Salt Lake City… in Rome… in New York or anywhere else.

The word Novus Ordo Seclorum or new order of the ages is now associated with the Illuminati. These are occult symbols you find on the Dollar bill. Ralph Epperson (book “The New World Order”) has done a great bit of a research on the occultism going on in world affairs. We find the eye in the pyramid is connected to the Illuminati. And incidentally, back in 1966 when Anthony J. Hilder produced the first records… with a man named Myron Fagan. Myron Fagan was a Jewish playwright talking about something called the Illuminati. And Antony Hilder produced the records back in 1966… pretty close to 40 years ago… and in 1963 I was giving a lecture in downtown Los Angeles on secret societies and fraternal orders in government and religion, when I heard that John Kennedy was assassinated. So in 1963 I was giving lectures. That’s 40 years ago. I forgot more about this subject than most people ever going to hope to learn.

But my problem today is that I am talking to a country that has no idea in the world what I’m talking about.

The insignia used by MI5, MI6, her Majesty’s Secret Service in England. You will see the eye at the top.
I will tell you… British Intelligence provides intelligence not only for the British to control the world. They also provide the theology for many of our York Rite cults in America. Many of our religious cults in America… their religious teachings come from MI5 and MI6… British Intelligence.

So… is this symbol evil or is it good?

And what does it really mean… the eye in the triangle of the pyramid, and why is it on Dollar Bill?
Well first of all the eye itself is very important. And of course we know that the eye has been associated to something called Illuminati.

The reason why you have the word Illuminati… in ancient Sumerian language the Gods were called the illus or ilu, which gives us the concept that God is enlightenment. God is illumination.

The eye represents illumination.

And the eye and the triangle has been used in Freemasonry and its used in Freemasonry all over the world.

Gives various examples… CBS has the all seeing eye.

Where did the idea originate?

The idea of the eye is from Egypt. It is the eye of Horus.

Horus was the sun. And Horus walked upon the sky in twelve steps. When he was born he was called Horus of the first step. The steps were called Horuses… today they are called hours.

And the sun brings light into the world… consequently in Latin light was lucious… from where you got Luke Skywalker. He does battle with Darth Vader, the prince of darkness.

The eye of Horus is also known as the eye of Ra. It represents the sun and expresses the divine omnipotence of God the creator. So in ancient Egypt the eye represented the presence of God.

The eye is closely connected with light… the spirit.

It is a symbol of mental vision. The mirror of the soul.

An instrument of soul intellectual expression.

The light of the sun… Horus represents intellectual enlightenment.

The images of the sun-god Ra combined the images of the sun and the eye.

Consequently the sun was always referred to as the eye of God. God’s sun… the light of the world.
And he walks on water… and he is leaving on a cloud… and he will come back on a cloud… That’s right… each morning at about 5:30 he comes back on a cloud and every evening he leaves on a cloud.

We are talking about God’s sun… not son…

Consequently in the Germanic language which is our language… they spell it Son (Sonne). And therefore your boy is your son… he is the light of your life.

It’s a play on words.

Definition (A Dictionary Of Symbols, Philosophical Research Library):
The eye: Given that the sun is the source of light and that light is symbolic of intelligence and the spirit… Of course if you are intellectually enlightened you are said to be brilliant. And so consequently, given that the sun is the source of light and that light is symbolic of intelligence, the process of seeing represents the spiritual act of symbolically understanding.

Dictionary of all Scriptures and Myths… we find: The eye is again the symbol of mental perception… the discernment of ideas. The eye represents in the ancient world and still today your brain… your God’s enlightening you. You say “Oh… I see…” No, no, no… what you are saying is that it finally dawned on you… The sun has finally come up in the darkness of your life and enlightened you…

The sun represents spiritual enlightenment.

Dictionary of Biblical Themes: Human eyes may symbolize spiritual vision… spiritual understanding… where blindness may be a metaphor for darkness… ignorance of god and rebellion…

The Encyclopaedia of Religion: The eye is also a privileged organ of knowledge… of the wise and learned.
Buddha, the awakened one received enlightenment through the celestial eye.

The light of the sun is of all life and of all wellbeing of nature. So we are talking about the sun… in the world of the mind too the dawn of light came to represent awareness, enlightenment and knowledge… making light a universal symbol.

In the old ancient Sumerian world we see the sun, and it has one eye… the eye of God.

Book: The Old Enemy - Satan and the combat myth: This was the prince of darkness and he was trying to kill God’s sun… the light of the world… our risen saviour…

Of course the sun is your risen saviour. If it doesn’t come up we’re dead. So its risen and it saves you.
There was and old ancient story about how the prince of darkness… and his name was Set in Egypt… because they notices it got dark on sun-set… Gods sun had an evil brother… his name was Set.
And so is the war between light and darkness… or intellectual, spiritual enlightenment and stupidity.

Book of Psalms, 33, 18: Behold, the eyes of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, Upon them that wait for his grace;

The eye is used in Judaism… and in the Islamic world… “the eye of wisdom”…

Egyptian: The arrival and victory of the sun god over the darkness…

Eye in the triangle is also used in Christian symbols…

Number 12 is important… 12 apostles, etc.

The sun has 12 helpers and it represents the 12 signs of the zodiac.

In ancient texts the zodiac was referred to as the kingdom.

What I’m trying to say here is that this concept of Jesus, God’s sun/son…

Jesus is a metaphor… it is a symbolic word which means the light of the world… intellectual and spiritual enlightenment…

What does the Egyptian pyramid represent and what does it have to do with the eye?

First of all, most pyramids were pyramids to the Sun. There are some to the Moon, but most pyramids were for the sun. Pyramids are used around the world.

Here is a very important point.

All such are believed to have represented the cosmic mountain.

In esoteric thought the pyramid can be considered not only the representation of the world axis but as also a symbol of enlightenment.

Its apex is spiritual obtainment, meaning when you start out in life you start at the base. And if you start your way on the bottom, you work your way up, and hopefully by the end of your life… when you reached the pinnacle of your life, you will finally be intellectually and spiritually enlightened.

You were crawling up the pyramid of life… reaching the top… intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

That’s what pyramids represented.

Apex: Keep in mind that the sun represents the eye of god… the symbol of the highest intellectual and spiritual enlightenment…

This is referred to in Egypt as the chief cornerstone.

The correct terminology that is used by pyramidologists today is pyramidion.

This is a very interesting concept. At the very top of the pyramid… the sun… the light of the world… meaning once you reached the top of the pyramid in your life you are spiritually and intellectually enlightened… at least you are supposed to be. So the sun with the triangle is symbol of crawling up life into the higher dimensions.

Motion picture companies are using the same symbols.

The pyramid is messianic symbolism.

Jewish as cathology including the messianic hope… the whole idea of the Jewish Messiah is not a new prophetic development… but that it goes back to a far earlier age and is really not specifically Jewish at all.

The whole idea of a Messiah is not Jewish at all. I goes back to the pyramids of Egypt.

The coming of the Messiah is divine knowledge gained by experience.

The ancient concept of a Messiah was the coming of a time in which the whole world will finally wake up.
But unfortunately that’s not right now… we’re still all in the dark.

We are in the dark because the church and the international banking cartels of the Knights Templars want us to be in the dark. They don’t want us to understand the symbolism in the Bible and for the first time wake up and find what the real story is. Like the Buddhists say “you can handle the truth”. Most people can’t handle truth. The light is too bright.

Messiah: The symbol of the incoming truth of the higher self.

The central person in the Bible is the Messiah. The same is true for the Egyptian Book of the Dead. He is called in the ancient texts “Lord of the Pyramid”.

We observe therefore according to the ancient texts that the spiritual and symbolical meaning was replaced for another having physical reality only.

It was not until the 6th century AD that a man was placed on a cross.

For 500 years before the year 600 Christianity was always pictured symbolically as a lamb carrying a flag. And in 600 in Constantinople it was decides that a man is to be placed on a cross to represent Messiah.

The idea being at that time was that we are going to bear our own crosses as we go through life… as we are learning about truth and intellectual and spiritual enlightenment… you make your mistakes… you pay for the all… and one day you reach the top of the pyramid and for the first time be enlightened.

Osiris / Ra / Amon Ra:

You will remember that Horus or the sun was also called – another term for the sun – Amon Ra. Because the Egyptians said that you cannot see God but you can see his boy… his offspring. That represents him. And that’s true, because your boy does represent you… what you do to my son, you do to me…

The sun represents the father who you cannot see.

And in Egypt the sun was called Amon Ra… which we get sun ray…

And in Persia and Egypt they were saying Amen… because the sun was Amon Ra. He represented God the father… Osiris.

Amen… Amon Ra… the God of the pyramid. Messiah of the pyramid.

The light at the top of the pyramid. Spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.

The whole messianic idea was about a thousand years earlier before the Hebrews even thought about a Messiah.


The starting point and the finishing point of all things. Joining the Apex to the base of a triangular shape bases of a pyramid symbolizes fire, divine revelation.

The pyramid is seen as a symbol expressing the whole of the work of creation.

Consequently is the apex stone rejected by the builders of the pyramid not a messianic symbol?

Pyramid… the apex is the staring point and the finishing point of all things. Yes, the top of the pyramid is both… the alpha and the omega. Its all at the top of the pyramid, which represents spiritual and intellectual final enlightenment of the human mind.

The apex is the chief cornerstone or the capstone representing Christ… the Christos… the highest one can get intellectually and spiritually.

God is too big for one religion.

I have gone through at least 50 reference books which say the same thing. I’m doing this for 43 years. I’m a teacher… I’m trying to explain to you that the pyramid of Egypt represents the presence of God on the Earth and the chief cornerstone is a symbol for the Messiah and the Messiah is simply the final awakening of your spiritual and intellectual enlightenment at the end of you life when you reach the pinnacle, where you contact God. You finally have opened your mind and it “dawns on you”. That what you’re supposed to do in this life is intellectually and spiritually progress to a higher point in life.

Why is the pyramid on a Dollar bill… and “Novus Ordo Seclorum” or new order of the ages?

What is the implication for this Illuminati symbol that comes directly out of the Bible?

Is there something going on here that we’re haven’t been told? There’s a whole story here yet to be told.

Then the devil it says in the scriptures, took Jesus up into the holy city set him on the pinnacle of the temple. Now we know pinnacle means the point.

What temple?

Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem?

Did Solomon’s temple have a pinnacle? No. Solomon’s temple did not have a pinnacle.

Here is a picture of Solomon’s temple:

You know what Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem actually represents?

Solomon’s temple actually represents the male within the female.

Solomon’s temple is a sexual symbol. It was known as a temple to sex. During the early middle ages the Pope in Rome decided he wanted to start something we today knew as the crusades. He sent the Knights Templars, the Masonic order of the Knights Templars, into Jerusalem to throw out the infidels and the islamics and all the other infidels and kicked them out of Jerusalem and bring back Jerusalem under Rome’s domination.

The Knights Templars were a military order under the Catholic Church. And the General who was in charge of the troops… his name was Solomon Bar Isaac. After Solomon Bar Isaac with his Knights Templars were able to be victorious in their war… he then contacted the Pope and said… for my doing your will I now have a request of you. I want the dome on the rock… the Islamic dome on rock is my home… Say to the world that this is my home that I own. And the Pope said, OK it’s your home.

And therefore it became known as Solomon’s temple.

It was Solomon Bar Isaac. There was no King Solomon.

There was no Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There was no Moses. None of these people of the old testament existed but there was a Solomon Bar Isaac in the middle ages who took over the temple of the dome of the rock and it became known as Solomon’s temple.

Can you picture this… get your brain wrapped around the concept that you got a world of Jews, standing there praying at Solomon’s temple, and the more they pray, the more blood is spilled, the more violence and blood shed spills each day… its getting worse and worse and worse… and the more they pray the worse it gets. And Christians all over the world are praying to gods sun, the light of the world and they have no idea what they are praying to… they have no concept of the world of what they’re praying to and consequently all of the evil is winning.

Good people are loosing… Jews and Christians are loosing.

Knights Templars, masonic Freemasons are winning… They’re controlling the world.

Why? Because we are worshipping the wrong god.

Because we don’t understand what the symbols mean. Because we walk right past… the truth is sitting right in front of us, and end up worshipping something the Knights Templars have given us to worship and therefore we haven’t the faintest idea in the world of what’s going on.

Solomon’s Temple was nothing but a sexual symbol.

This is why in Washington DC you have the Washington Monument, which is a male phallic. It connects to the female ovaries… the Oval Office… Consequently the whole concept of Washington DC is based on Solomon’s Temple. If you’re a Mason and if you understand Masonic symbols, you know the whole thing is sex and money… control. The male domination of the world. Male domination of sex, money and control. That’s the name of the tune. And unless we understand the symbolism of the pyramid we never figure out what the chief cornerstone is and why its on the Dollar Bill.

Then the devil takes him in the city and puts him on the pinnacle of the temple.

In Solomon you see that it is actually three different words.

Sol is Latin and in the ancient Rome personified by the sun. Sol is the Latin word for the sun.

Om (Aum) is the holy meditation symbol in Hindu… remember the priest of Om? Om is the vibration of God that creates. In the Hindu it is believed to be the immortal and inexhaustible spirit of the creative God.

On: The city of On… the biblical name of Heliopolis. Heliopolis is the city of the sun in Greek. But Heliopolis was called by the ancient Egyptians On. That’s why you flip a light switch on… because on represents the coming of lights. On / Heliopolis was the centre of sun worship.

There was no king Solomon… there was a king SOL OM ON. It is the name of the sun in the three esoteric languages of the world. God’s sun… the light of the world… SOL OM ON.

The holy city… the pinnacle of the temple… The bottom line of all of this is that Solomon’s temple is the pyramid of Gizah. It is the true ancient symbol of the presence of God… and the symbol for Messiah and for Hebrew and Christian theology is the pyramid with the all seeing eye.

The all-seeing eye represents the eternal watchfulness of the infinite. And in the old Egyptian the eye of Horus was the redeemer. The apex at the top performed thirty works of redemption for humanity. Imperfect men incomplete without the apex of their divine nature.

The all-seeing eye on the Dollar Bill is not situated at the top of the pyramid but floats above it. For man has not effected his spiritual union with his material self yet. The pyramid structure represents the building of society for the gradual perfection of human endeavour crowned by the divine operation.

The pyramid is the symbol for the presence of God in Egypt, the light of the world.

The whole entire story is a metaphor for your personal and spiritual enlightenment and that is what the pyramid on the back of the Dollar Bill means.

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